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Royal Ingersoll, II '34

Date of birth: December 17, 1913

Date of death: June 4, 1942

Age: 28

Lucky Bag

From the 1934 Lucky Bag:


Roy was killed at his battle station by machine gun fire from a crippled fighter plane (an F4F Wildcat) from the USS Yorktown (CV-5) during its emergency landing on board the Hornet. Its wounded pilot was either unable to, or failed to, cut off its guns. Four enlisted men on board the Hornet were also killed, and 20 more sailors were wounded in this accident.

His wife was listed as next of kin.


Roy was born in Manila, Philippines, the son of Admiral Royal E. Ingersoll and the grandson of Rear Admiral Royal R. Ingersoll. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1934, Ingersoll served on the battleship USS California (BB 44), on the destroyer USS Cassin (DD 372), and other warships during 1934-41. He reported on board the aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV 8) during her fitting-out period in 1941. Roy served on Hornet during the critical early months of the War in the Pacific, including on the famous Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in April 1942, the Hornet's maiden combat voyage.

Ingersoll continued to serve on board Hornet during the Battle of Midway.


In 1942, the destroyer USS Ingersoll (DD-652) was named in honor of both Roy and his grandfather, Rear Admiral Royal R. Ingersoll.

Memorial Hall Error

Memorial Hall omits the suffix "II" from Royal's name; all official references (Navy Directories, US Naval Academy Registers, etc) have this.

Class of 1934

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