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Dewitt Harrell '35

Date of birth: October 16, 1912

Date of death: March 5, 1945

Age: 32

Lucky Bag

From the 1935 Lucky Bag:

Life & Loss

Unable to find many details about Dewitt's life or loss. He was designated naval aviator #6361 in 1940. He is buried in North Carolina; the place of death is recorded as Miami, Florida.


Dewitt served on the USS California until going to Pensacola naval station to become an aviator and was subsequently assigned to Scouting Squadron 71. He attended the postgraduate program at USNA during 1942-1943 academic year and received a master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from California Institute of Technology on June 30, 1944.

Dewitt was promoted to LT(jg) on June 6, 1938 and LT on August 1, 1941, then LCDR on May 1, 1943 and then Commander on March 1, 1944.

Class of 1935

Dewitt is one of 56 members of the Class of 1935 in Memorial Hall.