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Henry G'Sell '26

Date of birth: January 24, 1904

Date of death: October 4, 1929

Age: 25

Lucky Bag

From the 1926 Lucky Bag:


From 12 o'clock high:

October 5, 1929

Student Flier Killed in Crash PENSACOLA, Fla,. Oct. 5.--(INS) Ensign Henry G'Sell, student naval aviator, was killed late yesterday when the airplane he was flying over naval stations airfield here suddenly dived 2,500 feet to the ground. No explanation of the accident was forthcoming. It was believed that something caused the officer to lose control of his craft and that he did not have sufficient time to extricate himself for a parachute jump. G'Sell is from Kansas City, Mo.

He was flying a Curtiss F6C-3.


Henry was involved in an earlier aircraft accident. From 12 o'clock high:

August 1, 1929
The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

TWO PLANES COLLIDE; 4 MEN ESCAPE UNHURT PENSACOLA, Fla., July 3l.- Two marine airplanes collided at an altitude of about two thousand feet today and both were wrecked. Four men escaped. Tha planes were flown by Ensign H. H. G'Sell and Lieut. C. J. Chappelle. Ensign G'Sell had as his passenger Corp. R. A. Williams, while Lieut. Chappelle had as his passenger Ensign E. O. Southwlck. As the crash occurred, Lieut. Chappelle brought his plane over on an even keel and turned its nose toward the naval landing field at the air station. Despite the damage to machine a safe landing was made. The other plane was so badly damaged that the pilot could not right it. The two occupants jumped to safety with parachutes.

Class of 1926

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