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Lucky Bag

1948 Wick LB.jpg

From the 1948-A Lucky Bag:

John Glenn Wick

Washington, D.C.

"What a workout," says J. G. as he lays away his ping-pong paddle. Johnny's athletic endeavors are limited by his assiduous struggle with the Academic Departments. If marks were given for ability in the artistic line, J. G. would be a consistent star man. His gift to make a few strokes of a pencil closely resemble an animate object is uncanny. Much of this talent gives the dwellers of Bancroft a hearty laugh in Log cartoons. His good nature has certainly enriched the lives of his roommates. All who have been associated with him have benefited by his example and none will forget his ready smile and affable personality.

John was a cartoonist for the LOG. He graduated with the class of 1948-A, the last of the wartime-accelerated classes, in June 1947. (The bottom half of the class by academic standing, designated 1948-B, completed an extra year and graduated in June 1948.)


From VP Navy:

25 MAR 53 A/C: PBM-5S Marina Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico Strike: Yes BUNO: 85151 Cause: Flight:Overdue for 36hrs. SAR negative. Terminated Mar 25, 1943. PBM-5S BuNo 85151 tender based aboard the USS Currituck II (AV-7) anchored in the harbor at San Juan, Puerto Rico, Time Zone 4. The aircraft departed San Juan at 210114z March 1953 on a ASW search in connection with a PHIBEX II Operation. The flight plane was a controlled VFR to 19 deg 30'N, the south boundary of the airspace reservation, thence on operational clearance 0' - 4500' VFR, 2000' - 4500 VFR. At 220240z the pilot reported by OW. "On Station" at a predesignated point "A" 20:15M 67.45W. The search area was 340 miles wide along a base line of 315 deg. At 220455z the reported "Plan B" a predesignated point at 24.15N 71.45W. At 220600z, the following message was sent by CW. "Proceed immediately Latitude 22-50 North, Longitude 67-30West. Maintain stationary gambit tactics; report on station and hourly plan. IFR 2000'. You will be relieved approximately 221050z." At 220626z the following, CW transmission was received "Roger" "Wait" The was the last contact with the aircraft. Its estimated position at this time was 23-37North, 70-07West. The aircraft's ETA San Juan was 221315z and it had sufficient fuel to remain airborne until 221515z. The pilot and crew were well qualified to handle any but the most extreme types of emergencies. Because of the complete lack of evidence, it is concluded that an immediate emergency occurred and the aircraft exploded or crash landed at sea in such a manner that aircraft parts and equipment were carried under with hull. Crew missing: Lt(jg). John Glen Wick (pilot), Lt. Emil (nmi) Rakovich (co-pilot), Lt. Mark Robert Armour (navigator), AD1. Wallace J. Livingston (Plane Capt), AD3. Daniel Josiah Fames (2nd mechanic), AL2. Glenn D. McLaughlin (1st radioman), AO1. Clearance Egar Holder (1st ordanceman), ATAN. Howard Edward Appelt (3rd radioman), AD3. Robert Lee Harrington (3rd mechanic), ATS. Leonard J. Piersante (2nd radioman), and AOAN. Charles Ray West (2nd ordanceman). Contributed by Terry [07OCT2003]

John has a memorial marker in Arlington National Cemetery.


From VP Navy:

The pilot and plane commander of the doomed aircraft was LTJG. J.D. Wick. He was a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy. I believe his father held the rank of Admiral during WWII. I had flown with LT Wick prior to my assignment on EC-12. In my book he was an excellent pilot and officer. He helped me a lot in my training as an aircrewman. Tom Munday,

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Ross Bramwell '48 was also on the LOG staff.

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