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Robert Robertson '34

Date of birth: December 1, 1912

Date of death: January 10, 1943

Age: 30

Lucky Bag

From the 1934 Lucky Bag:


Bob was lost when USS Argonaut (APS 1) was sunk by a Japanese surface forces near Rabaul on January 10, 1943. He was Executive Officer at the time.

On Eternal Patrol lists him as a recipient of the Bronze Star, but have been unable to find this citation.

His wife was listed as next of kin.


Lt.Robert Robertson is pictured in the 1939 photo showing survivors of the crew of the submarine USS Squalus, which sunk on a test dive May 23, 1939. Twenty-six crewmen drowned in the accident while the remaining crew, photographed here, were rescued in heroic efforts by the Navy.

From Find A Grave:

Robert N. Robertson was the Navigation Officer of the submarine USS Squalus (SS 192) when she sunk on a test dive off Portsmouth, NH on May 23, 1939. 26 crewmen drowned in the flooding of the after compartments of the boat, but Robertson was among 33 who survived. They were rescued over the next two days by a diving bell.

Most of the Squalus crew worked on the salvage of the Squalus and Robertson and the entire officers and crew volunteered to serve on the refurbished Squalus, renamed Sailfish. However, the Navy had all officers re-assigned and only 4 Squalus crewmen sailed on the Sailfish.

Robertson was one four Squalus survivors lost in battle during WW II and the only one of the surviving officers to meet this fate.

Class of 1934

Robert is one of 41 members of the Class of 1934 on Virtual Memorial Hall.