From USNA Virtual Memorial Hall

The alumni below were represented by their families, friends, and shipmates at the 7th Annual Honor Our Fallen Heroes event at the Naval Academy on November 23, 2019.

1922 Hansen LB.jpg
Raymond Hansen
Class of 1922

Commander, US Navy

Madison, Wisconsin

August 9, 1942 (43 years old)

KIA, WWII, Battle of Savo Island, Pacific, USS Vincennes (CA 44), Ship, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH22

1943 Hackman LB.jpg
Earl Hackman, Jr.
Class of 1943

Lieutenant, US Navy

Landsdale, Pennsylvania

August 6, 1945 (25 years old)

KIA, WWII, Pacific, USS Bullhead (SS 332), Submarine, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 1st Company

1956 Lloyd LB.jpg
David Lloyd
Class of 1956

Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

Joliet, Illinois

May 22, 1968 (33 years old)

Operational loss, USS Scorpion (SSN 589), Submarine, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 18th Company

1958 Hoel LB.jpg
Jack Hoel
Class of 1958

Commander, US Navy

Hamilton, Ohio

September 11, 1974 (38 years old)

Operational loss, Fixed Wing Passenger, HOFH19, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 6th Company

1962 Laws LB.jpg
Richard Laws
Class of 1962

Lieutenant, US Navy

West Sacramento, California

April 3, 1966 (26 years old)

KIA, Vietnam, Fighter Squadron (VF) 24, Fixed Wing, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH23, USNA 11th Company

1963 Trani LB.jpg
Frederick Trani
Class of 1963

Lieutenant, US Navy

Hyde Park, New York

September 26, 1968 (28 years old)

Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, KIA, Vietnam, SEAL, Ground, HOFH19, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 19th Company

1965 Lindahl LB.jpg
John Lindahl
Class of 1965

Lieutenant, US Navy

Lindsborg, Kansas

January 6, 1973 (31 years old)

Operational loss, MIA, Vietnam, Attack Squadron (VA) 56, Fixed Wing, HOFH19, USNA 30th Company

1976 Deem LB.jpg
Douglas Deem
Class of 1976

Lieutenant, US Navy

New Kensington, Pennsylvania

November 17, 1981 (27 years old)

Operational loss, Air Anti-Submarine Squadron (VS) 24, Fixed Wing, HOFH19, USNA 36th Company

1976 Gontkovic LB.jpg
Mark Gontkovic
Class of 1976

Lieutenant (j.g.), US Navy

Johnstown, Pennsylvania

December 6, 1979 (26 years old)

Operational loss, Attack Squadron (VA) 35, Fixed Wing, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 28th Company

1981 Wilson LB.jpg
Michael Wilson
Class of 1981

Lieutenant, US Navy

Medford Lakes, New Jersey

May 22, 1986 (27 years old)

Operational loss, Attack Squadron (VA) 65, Fixed Wing, HOFH19, HOFH21, USNA 8th Company

1995 Kristensen LB.jpg
Erik Kristensen
Class of 1995

Lieutenant Commander, US Navy

Coronado, California

June 28, 2005 (33 years old)

Bronze Star, KIA, Afghanistan, Global War on Terrorism, SEAL, Helicopter, HOFH19, HOFH21, HOFH22, HOFH23, USNA 2nd Company