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Albert Gray '31

Date of birth: January 24, 1910

Date of death: December 15, 1944

Age: 34

Lucky Bag

From the 1931 Lucky Bag:


From Find A Grave:

Lt. Albert D. Gray was held as a POW in the Philippine Islands. In December 1944, he was boarded onto the Oryoku Maru for transport to Japan. The ship sailed on December 13th and came under attack from American planes on December 14th. As evening approached, the attack was called off. The next day the planes returned and continued the attack. When the pilots saw the large number of men climbing from the ship’s holds, they realized the ship was carrying POWs and called off the attack. After the POWs were off the ship, the attack resumed and the ship was sunk by American planes at Subic Bay, Philippine Islands, on December 15, 1944. Gray was killed in the attack on the ship.

His wife was listed as next of kin.

Unable to determine exactly how or when he was captured. He was a member of Patrol Squadron (VP) 102 in April 1, 1941 (Navy Directory); that unit was essentially destroyed by February 1942.

Albert earned his wings as naval aviator #4003 on March 22, 1934.

Class of 1931

Albert is one of 51 members of the Class of 1931 on Virtual Memorial Hall.