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William Brady '38

Date of birth: unknown

Date of death: February 2, 1943

Age: unknown

Lucky Bag

From the 1938 Lucky Bag:


William was lost on February 2, 1943, in the vicinity of Guadalcanal at the end of that campaign. He was a member of Escort Scouting Squadron (VGS) 11, which was operating as a land-based unit "throughout January and February 1943."

That squadron flew both TBF Avenger torpedo bombers and F4F-4 Wildcat; unable to determine which William may have been aboard or piloting. (VGS-11 is not recorded as losing an aircraft on that day.)

His wife was listed as next of kin.

Note one listing has LCDR; this was likely related to his being held in a missing status until December 1945. Not sure it was ever official. LT in other listings.

Class of 1938

William is one of 69 members of the Class of 1938 in Memorial Hall.